Back To The Futur - Gab Dia

Du 20 au 26 août 2018


Du 20 au 26 août, la Galerie du Génie de la Bastille a le plaisir de proposer l’exposition « Back To The Futur » de l’artiste photographe Gab Dia. 


« I was asked to do the honour by Monsieur Gabby Dia
Of capturing in words his thought provoking imagery via
The spirit of Love is All so as we say in igbo Bia
Come bathe with us in this world of new and old
The stories of our ancestors from a new perspective told
Back to the Future is a premise that I hold
Back to the Future reminds me of a poem I once wrote an Ode…
Entrenched in his heart were principles of old
Basked in tradition his honour shone like gold
Valiant was he that Man forever bold
In the face of tribulation that African he was never sold
No not ever ever sold
Wisdom was his armour
Truth was his sword
Justice was his banner
Caressed by mercy all
In his heart like iron were these pillars of integrity forged
What lies at the end of the road is for each and everyone to decide
But with these tools of life he showed us how we can survive
Reflecting on the life of this Man that night I realised
He had bequeathed me Love’s plan
That night, that night my father died
With this legacy of values, culture and Art in our heart
Back to the Future lies our future present and our glorious past »

Theo Omambala


Vernissage le mardi 21 août à partir de 18h

Du mardi au dimanche de 14h à 20h